Escorted dive

Every day, we organize at least 2 dive trips.

Eventually, and if our customers want to, we organize 3 trips per day. We offer mostly boat dives, but in some rare cases (only if the weather conditions do not allow us to go out), we organize car dives.

Each trip lasts for about 3 hours, with trip and dive included. We start usually at 9:30 in the morning (of course) :) for the first dive and at 14:30 for the second dive. When we have a third dive trip, the starting times will change of course, but just a bit.

The dive spots that we visit, 16 in total, can be reached only by boat; except 3 of them, which can be reached also by car (which are actually the places that we visit when the weather conditions do not allow us to go out by boat). Before each dive, we have a short briefing for the dive spot that we will visit and we divide the divers in groups and teams, depending on the experience of the divers, who are always guided by an instructor or a certified assistant.