Frequently Asked Questions

What suit do I need to dive in Zakynthos?

It depends on the season, but a 7mm suit is more than enough. In July and August, a 3mm (for the real tough guys) or 5mm suit is enough. For May or October, we would suggest at least a 5mm suit (long john and top).

What suit can I rent?

Full-bodied 5mm Suits, and 3mm Shorties

What tank can I use?

We rent 6lt, 10lt, 12lt, 13lt, 15lt and 18lt scuba cylinders (not aluminium), with DIN and International valves, or with adaptors; with no price difference for any size of cylinder.

Are there any smaller tanks for children /teenagers?

Yes, for that reason we have also two 6lt cylinders.

How about night diving?

We have to know in advance because we need to arrange it with other parties on the island.

How many dive trips can we make per day?

You can make at least 2. During the high season, even 3 or 4. Usually, we plan one single dive and one double dive per day; and if needed, we make more.

When do we leave for the dive trips?

Meeting time is at 10:00 am for the 1st dive and 14:00 for the second dive.

When are we back from the dive?

Usually after about 3 hours for a single dive and about 4 hours for a double dive.

Are there dive-time limits?

umm, no! Unless we have three dives per-day, the maximum dive time would be limited to one hour, good enough? :)

What kind of boat do we use?

One 6,5m DIVING RIB for 12 Divers and one 9m Polyester Boat for 20 Divers

What kind of safety equipment is there on the boats?

Life jackets (SOLAS), VHF, mobile phone, First Aid Box, oxygen tank and mask, Flair signals, rescue floating devices and us! :)

What do I do with my private equipment?

For our customers we have a separate building next to the beach, where our customers can wash, hang and store their private equipment, so they avoid the transportation of their fragile equipment. That building is locked, and opens only on request of the customers before and after the dive.

What other facilities can I find in Diver's Paradise?

In front of the dive centre, you can find other water sports: like renting a motorboat with your friends, so that you can explore the islands and the deserted beaches of Laganas Bay on your own. You can also find there water pedal's, kayaks and windsurf boards, so you can enjoy yourself but also have the privilege to see the rare Carreta-Carreta sea turtles on your own..

Is there a car rental office at the Hotel Eleon Grand Resort?

Yes, but there are a lot of car and motorbike rental offices in the area, so you can choose the one you prefer. You can find also all major rental companies, like Avis, Budget, Hertz, etc.

How can I pay in Diver's Paradise?

Cash, PayPal, Revolut, Bank Transfer or Credit card.

When do I have to pay?

At the end, before you check out. Actually, after you have made your last dive.

Which price do I get?

Depending on the amount of dives that you have made. The more dives, the cheaper the price gets.

Are there special prices for dive groups or dive schools/center's?

Yes, for groups over 6 people (instructor included), we always make special offers.

Can I book directly through Diver's Paradise for Eleon Grand Resort?

No, you have to book through your local travel agency, where you can find also the best possible offers, depending on the season.

With which Travel Agency can I book?

All major travel agencies offer programs for Zakynthos. You can choose the one you prefer.

Do I have to stay at the ELEON grand resort?

No, you can stay in any hotel or apartment you prefer. The advantage of staying at the ELEON GRAND RESORT is that you have all the comforts close to you. If you choose not to stay at the ELEON GRAND RESORT, we suggest that you choose any hotel or apartment, either in Laganas, Kalamaki or Agios Sostis, where we can also offer you a free pick up, if needed.