dive sites


6-21m Not a cavern dive - The closest dive site. A very nice dive site for all levels of divers. Starts in a shallow & protected bay, and ends far out, round a big rock, over the surface .Lots of fishes, but in small sices. They call it also "XL-Aquarium". A very easy, long and shallow dive, usually as the second dive of the day!

Octopus Reef

6-50m Νοt α cavern dive - Ideal for both beginners and experienced divers! The nesting area of the Octopuses! Starts from a sheltered bay, and ends over a Drop-Off, that goes down to -50m! Until the middle of July, many lobsters cab be seen at -30m, or deeper.


6-17m a cavern dive - Cavern Paradise! ! !A sheltered bay, with 6 caverns, one after the other! Eventually, inhabited by a monk-seal! In most of these Caverns, divers can ascent to the surface, and 2 of them, include a small lake, inside the mountain! Many Sulfur springs in the area, remind their presence, through the "fantastic" smell of Sulfur.

Barracuda Reef

5-45m Not a cavern dive - Originally called "Marzelou"! Due to a usual slight current, this dive site gathers all kinds of fishes, and usually when the current is a bit stronger, big schools of Barracudas, can be spotted at the deep part, behind a single Rock, which is the reason of the original name.

Deep Blue

19-50m Not a cavern dive - Only for experienced divers! A deep reef in the middle of the blue!

Easy Rider Reef

3-21m Almost a cavern dive - The ideal place for beginners, or those who want to relax! Nice u/w rock formations, gather many small fishes, which find it as the perfect place to hide from their predators. It even hides 2 small caves, ideal also for snorkellers!

Drop off

-40m Almost a cavern dive - Exactly what the name says! A Wall that goes straight down to 40m!After 25m, usually a Thermo cline, waits for the divers with the sorties, to "Cool them off"!!! A small cave waits for us at a small bay, hidden at 12m.

Little Big Rock

12-40m Not a cavern dive - A "tropical" looking bay, with fantastic visibility, which is always min.18-20m. Sandy white bottom with nice u/w rock formations, make it ideal for U/W Photography.

Arc De Triomphe

6-66m A BIG YES for a cavern dive - Maybe the "Most Wanted" Dive Site! Combines everything: Deep Walls, Caves, Caverns, U/W Tunnel, plenty of fishes, and the highlight: A submerged Arc, starting at 12m, which is the "official "entrance to the Deep Sea!

Two Columns

9-50m Underwater Tunnel - A full Circle, swimming around 2 Huge Rocks, forms a natural channel between the Rocks & the mountain, and ends swimming through a narrow tunnel at 2m depth! Ideal with a slight current!

Keri Caves

9-32m CAVE DIVER'S PARADISE!!! - For the experienced divers, it’s like heaven! For the beginners, it's the best way to experience a new way of diving! 2 Caves for all levels, and 1 Cave only for REAL experienced divers! A small lake inside the mountain, is the reward for everyone!

Elephant Reef

8-75m Not a cavern dive - The deepest dive-spot on the island (sofar!). Just because it goes deep, it doesn't mean that you have to go deep, if you don't want to! I f you follow the wall, there is always big fish in group formations at 25-30m, and at the end of the dive, you can swim through some fantastic tunnels at 16-22m.

Butterfly Cave

15-33 A cavern dive - A fantastic small cave, starting from the surface, and going down to 18m.The name was given because of it's unique shape, that looks like a butterfly with open wings!

White Reef

6-52m Underwater Tunnel - The most interesting tunnel to explore! Starting from the surface, dividing into 3 different smaller tunnels, and withan exit like a butterfly, makes it ideal not only for U/W Photography, but mostly for every Cave Diver "to be"! Many Customers told us, that we should rename this Cave into "Butterfly Cave"!


Dafne Caves