Master of Yachts

General Maritime Business & Law for:
IYT Master of Yachts 200 Gross Tons
MCA Master of Yachts 200 Gross Tons STCW II/2 Verbal Examination
Australian Master Class 5/ IYT Master of Yachts Crossover

For those who wish to obtain the STCW II/2 MCA Master 200 Tons qualification the information
in this course must be retained in your memory, as a “one-on-one” oral examination will be
conducted with an MCA examiner for this qualification and the candidate must be able to answer
multiple questions on the content of this course. It is imperative that the candidate mentally
retain this information, as passing this course on-line is not sufficient proof that a candidate
has obtained the required standard to automatically obtain an STCW II/2 qualification.

At the end of each chapter, candidates will be asked a series of questions to review their
knowledge of that chapter. At the end of the course, candidates will be required to complete a
written examination and a pass mark of 70% will be required to successfully obtain the
This is not the “Business & Law” course that is required for the MCA Master of
Yachts 500 tons or MCA Master of Yachts 3,000 tons which is a much more intensive 5 day course.